Tarot Testimonials...


Wow everything you said was so accurate, you have really set my mind at rest and I feel a big weight lifted off my shoulders.

Not only did you answer questions but you gave me something I can work towards...

I can't thank you enough Ellie you are so gifted.

-K.W., UK



 I love your reading style..You were extremely accurate..I'm going to have to listen to that reading again and again. 

Thank you so much Ellie! 

That was truly one of the most amazing readings I have ever had.

-Tara, Florida


Dear Ellie,

Thank you for the reading, it was so thorough and truly resonated with all the feelings I have at this time.  I cannot thank you enough for your insights and suggestions..

Thank you again for your kind reading and your delivery of the spreads are so thoughtful and heartfelt!!!!  :-)
Take good care & I will definitely order a "life purpose" down the road a bit.

-Lisa, Southern California


Ellie, This is so great and exceeds my expectations! You hit several nails on the head and I have lots to ponder. Thanks a million!

I love tarot but strayed away with so many "crunchy" and flakey sounding readers. It's great to have an intelligent voice in tarot!



You have removed a lot of confusion. Your readings have solved all these questions. Your readings give clarity and peace of mind and definition and purpose to what thing I am supposed to do. 

You have some kind of gift in you. You are able to see things that no one knows because I do not tell them.  I really don't know how you can look at some cards and pick out stuff that I tell no one about, but you have done it, not just once multiple times. 

Seriously amazing. Thanks a lot for your help. I think you saved me 5 years in effort. 

-Neil, Australia


Thank you, Ellie! I loved the reading. It was so insightful and thorough. I think you really hit on the dynamics of what is happening. It was also very informative and gave me some guidance in how to move through the current situation. A really impressive reading! 

You might be interested to know that I played the reading for a friend and my sister.  They also thought your reading was really on the mark; and we all liked how you gave guidance and didn't sugar-coat anything, which made the message even more positive and hopeful from my perspective.

You're also very easy to follow and understand with such a calm and pleasant delivery.



I must say your reading for me has touched my soul. It was on point! Excellent! Thank you, Ellie; many things in my life have been explained through your readings.

-Alexandra Lu, New York


Wow, Elizabeth....this was right on...I really appreciate how you take the time to explain and think through your readings!! Thank you again so very much!

-Michelle, Portland, OR


I am thankful for your words. I am still taking it in.. It really hit home on a lot of different levels. 

-Tricia, US