"Experiencing Ellie's sound therapy has been incredible. She's wonderful and open and can take you deep. I loved the whole thing so much."- Lilac Taie

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Light informs. Sound Transforms...

Sound healing is truly one of the most powerful healing modalities in the world. It deals with ailments on a vibrational level. It is transformational. 

Being a singer-songwriter, I've always had a deep connection with sound.  

This is an ancient medium of alignment and change that I am very passionate about, and it would be an honour to do this sacred work with you. 


When it comes to sound healing, intention is everything

Here are some treatments using Tibetan singing bowls - some of which I'd learned from the Academy of Sound Healing , where I've received my practitioner certificate. 

The intention for these treatments are to detox, unblock and align energy pathways...



Synchronistic Sound Healing Events- £15
(in London, UK)

Next Event:
Sunday, 21st October
5:00-6:30 pm
Hackney Central Space
220 Graham Rd, London E8 1BP



If you are in the London area, join us for a relaxing yet powerful sound healing experience.

These sessions are uniquely customised to participants, as they are preceded by a brief Tarot reading for the collective attendees to "prescribe" the focus that is most needed for the group.

Tea is served before, to ease us into the experience. 

Along with Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas, bells and voice may be used as well. 

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Personalized Sound Healing- £33/30 mins or £55/1 hour

A one-on-one sound healing that is customised to you, based on a Tarot reading that "prescribes" the focus that is most needed at that time for the session.

Mind Detox Therapy + Aura Cleansing and Strengthening- £33/30 minutes

The first part of the session helps the client to get into a relaxed, meditative state with the singing bowls. 

The second part of the session moves energy outward from your center, removing toxins.

These toxins could be emotional and/or physical. It is not unusual to experience involuntary movements , sensations and emotions during the session- this means that the toxins are moving through and out of you. Some may just simply find this session calming. 

The session is then completed with an aura cleansing and strengthening treatment.


5 Time Package of Mind Detox Therapy + Aura Cleansing and Strengthening- £132

You may wish to have several sessions to undergo a process of release.  

This five time package is equivalent to purchasing 4 sessions and receiving the 5th one FREE. 

I recommend coming in for these multiple sessions at least once a week. 


Foot and Hand Reflexology- £33/30 minutes

Very relaxing and soothing. Helps to unblock energy channels. 

Also good for knee problems, hip problems, circulatory problems and hypertension.


Note: This work is essentially vibrational. Along with sound, I use the vibrations of scent in the sessions to clear the air- and sometimes also to enhance the intention.  I sometimes also intuit a color I recommend the client wear/use after the session for more support of alignment. 



To arrange an appointment-

Email: tarotellie@gmail.com

Sessions take place in Hackney, London. 


"I have had sound baths many times now, but the one-to-one sound bath with Ellie was a different experience. We chose to do Tarot first, and that gave the whole experience a different dimension and opened up the possibility of greater clarity over the subjects that come up through the Tarot cards. I would highly recommend this very healing experience - I won't elaborate further, as Ellie uses her intuition to suit each person." -Tanja Nikola