Full Moon in Leo Bath Salts

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Full Moon in Leo Bath Salts


Moon Charged Bath Salts
These crystalline bath salts were soaked in the rays of the moon overnight in glass jars during particular phases. For each of them, their specific emissions and offerings were intuited. Soak in these energies for healing and support in your personal journey.

Full Moon in Leo
*Expressing True Self
*Emerging Shadows
*Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salts
*Lemon, Frankincense and Rose Absolute essential oils

This Full Moon in Leo came along with a Lunar Eclipse, bringing up to the surface any blocks we may have in the realm of love and romance, and expressing our true selves. 

Precious Frankincense and Rose are the scents of royalty. And bright, solar Lemon essential oil is also included to help us immerse in these energies.

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