..(W)e all have access to little wild mothers in the flesh. These are women (or men) who, as soon as you see them, something in you leaps , and something in you thinks, ‘MaMa’. You take one look and think, ‘I am her progeny, I am her child, she is my mother, my grandmother.’ 

All these human beings could be called little wild mothers. Usually everyone has at least one. If we are lucky, throughout a lifetime we will have several. You are usually grown or at least in your late adolescence by the time you meet them..

The little wild mothers will guide you, burst with pride over your accomplishments. They are critical of blockages and mistaken notions in and around your creative, sensual, spiritual, and intellectual life..

Their purpose is to help you, to care about your art, and to reattach you to the wildish instincts, and to elicit your original best. They guide the restoration of the intuitive life…

-Clarissa Pinkola Estes, "Women Who Run With The Wolves"


From what I’ve observed in my own life and the lives of those around me, it seems that when one finds a mentor, it happens in a magical way.

In my case it was unexpected. I was not even looking for one, but apparently that’s what was in store for me.

Here’s a story of how I met someone who became my mentor, and a mother figure to me...


Find a Mentor

In late 2013, I was on a stint in London and while I was there, I attended a lot of events. Among them was events by London Tarot Study Meetup Group. One day I asked a fellow member, an intuitive lady named Heather, to do a career reading for me. At the time, I was an aspiring singer- songwriter, and that was the top priority in my life. 

I remember her looking at the Nine of Pentacles and saying, “Find a female mentor”. I took a mental note of that advice, assuming of course that she must be referring to a mentor for my music career. 

At that time in my life, I was opening up to tarot and spirituality again. It was something that I had put away for a long time, and I was going back to it with a vengeance. I was thinking of doing tarot professionally to help financially support me as I pursued my singer-songwriter career. 


While I was in London, I also made some friends who influenced me to watch more Youtube videos, as they would send me links or recommend certain people’s channels. I wanted to study tarot more deeply, so I searched for videos on that topic... and that is when I found Jacqueline Dubois. 

Jacquie is a “self-proclaimed witch of San Clemente, California”. I loved all her esoteric insights, and I felt I could just listen to her talk in her videos all day. I heard her mention that she was offering one on one Skype tarot lessons, and without thinking too much about it, I contacted her. 

When we had our first session, I was pleased to find it was so natural and easy to talk to her. She was truly magical, and I felt uplifted after every call. She taught me not only tarot and other “mystery school teachings”, but to “feel into” things. 


And she was such a mama to me! Right away, she showered me with praise, love and support. 

And she’s not only been a mother-figure to me, but to many, and she is loved by many as she shares from her heart on her channel. 


She asked me in our first call if I felt tarot was my vocation. I answered, “Yes it must be!”. I felt so strongly called towards it. It even started surpassing my passion for music, surprisingly. Life was taking an unexpected turn, but I trusted in it. 

After starting my lessons with Jacqueline Dubois, I walked into the Tarot Meetup group one day and Heather immediately asked me if I’d found my mentor. It was in that moment that I realized that that reading was not about a music mentor- it was about Jacquie!

I told her yes, and that she was actually a tarot teacher who lived in Orange County, California. 

Heather replied that as soon as she saw me, she wondered if I’d met her and then right afterwards, the word “California” came to her mind...

AuthorElizabeth Brucia