When I attended my wonderful friend Malwina's Lucid Dreaming workshop recently, we discussed  the Subconscious and Shadow Work, and she introduced us to the idea of a "Golden Shadow". 

A Golden Shadow is a "light" aspect of ourselves that is hidden; that we do not own.

I found this exercise to be extremely enlightening (excuse the pun!), and I would like to share it with you all- especially because I think it would be appropriate to explore the Light/Dark theme during this current Beltane/Samhain season. 

So here is a questionnaire for you. Take a pen and paper and ask yourself...

-What would be my best quality or character trait if only I could let it shine fully?


-What might I achieve if I fully manifested my highest potential?


-Who do I most admire and why?


-If I was a superhero, what would be my super power?


-What do I want to be "when I grow up"?


After answering all of these questions, make a list titled: "Aspects of My Golden Shadow". Write down the common themes/traits that came up. For example, some of mine were: Sensitive, Wise, Shine my Light, Heart-Centered, Loving/Love-Based. 

This questionnaire revealed that there is a part of me that is very loving and sensitive, but does not feel safe to be that way in the world, so I guard myself. 

My husband Henry also participated in this exercise as well, and interestingly had the same golden shadow, though for different reasons.

In this exploration, you may find that some questions were more illuminating than others. Everyone is different in their response. For me, the first few questions did not spark any revelations, but the later ones did. And in retrospect, I realized the first ones did as well, I just needed to look at the results as a whole. So be sure to complete the questions, and at the end, see what you find!

I hope that you find this exercise as powerful as I did, and happy Beltane/Samhain!! 



AuthorLitha Rose Brucia