One of my main aims for 2017 has been to travel more of the magical and beautiful UK. I am originally from New York, and I moved to this part of the world because I feel a connection to this place. I believe I was drawn to be here, and feel it would therefore be worthwhile to actively explore its landscape and energies. 

I went to Scotland for the first time in August for a 6-day island tour. It was a trip full of lots of water, wind and heather! I went in search of magic, and I sure found it. These are some places that I found to be particularly special…


Isle of Skye


The Isle of Skye was the destination I found most enchanting of all during my tour.

It is also known as “The Misty Isle”, and some believe it is connected to Avalon. It is also held to have faery connections.

It is easy to see why such magic has been associated with it- the Isle of Skye certainly has a mystical beauty and unearthly feel that sparks the imagination! 


The Fairy Glen

One particularly charming place we visited on the Isle of Skye was the "Fairy Glen". This is a place of mystery because this 1/4 square of a mile space is the only one in the area with raised mounds, and it is not known why. For this reason, along with its otherworldly beauty, it is believed that faeries live under these mounds. 

There are two are two rules for visitors to the Fairy Glen:

  1. No Whistling- The sounds hurts the faeries' little ears!
  2. Do not take anything. 

Our tour guide informed us of these rules and explained that there are some "good" faeries and some "bad” ones, and you don’t want to make the bad ones angry! 

There are stories of bad luck for those who took something from the glen. One person did not believe in them and to prove that they did not exist, took a rock. He then had two months of bad luck. So, he mailed the rock to the tour company and wrote: “Please return this to the fairy glen!”. There are also stories of harmless pranks played on visitors from time to time.

This was a wonderfully beautiful and magical place, and I would definitely like to come back sometime. I also would like to visit the Fairy Pools next time, as well, as that seems like a worthwhile place to visit. 


Callanish Standing Stones

This stone circle resides on a beautiful site in the Isle of Lewis. The Callanish Stones are older than Stonehenge, and I strongly believe that this is a place where rituals and ceremonies took place. 

So far my experience with standing stones is that they feel like beings, and each offer distinct kinds of healing energies to immerse ourselves in. 

But the stone that stood the tallest there, at the center, was an exception. It felt like a conduit of energy (like a wand), drawing down power from above. I believe this particular stone is the center where rituals were performed. 

The stones that were erected are “lewisian gneiss”, and they are the oldest rocks in Britain- up to 3 billion years old! This information makes me think that they must hold some ancient wisdom, no? 

Here is a video I recorded, offering a visual tour of the Callanish Stones…

And apparently, sometimes you can see the Northern lights there. Cool, huh? How completely magical! 

Photo by Emma Mitchell

Photo by Emma Mitchell

Next time I visit Scotland, I would like to check out Orkney. I believe some magic is to be found there as well. I’ll be sure to share when that happens! 



AuthorLitha Rose Brucia