March is when the Sun is largely in Pisces, and this month we will be strongly influenced by the energy and themes linked to this sign. 

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. One astrological cycle is ending, and a new one is beginning. And this month, we are seeing the last days of Winter, before we move into a fresh, new Spring season. 

For that reason, this is a good time for letting go of anything that might be burdening us, limiting us or holding us back. This is also a time to look back and review the past, so that we may make evaluative decisions when we move forward. 





Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. This planet’s function is to dissolve and unify. Pisces is the sign that is linked to the realisation that we are more than this physical experience that we are having.  This sign is linked to seeing beyond this illusion, to the otherworldly and the non-physical.

That is why Pisces are called the “Dreamers, Artists and Mystics”. And now is a good time to explore that part of ourselves. Maybe you could pay more attention to your dreams or even do dreamwork. Or you could do a past life regression. Or express yourself artistically in some way. Or connect to the Divine is whatever way that is significant to you. 


The polar sign to Pisces is Virgo, and I personally strongly believe that to explore the themes of each polarity, and to find a reconciliation between the two, is a pathway to mastery. Pisces understands the spiritual, and is conscious of Source and unity. Virgo, in contrast, is discerning. It is a sign of making distinctions and noticing the details. It is an Earth sign that is very much in touch with this reality. If the two signs come into a harmonious, balanced partnership, then material success and manifestation can be achieved through an understanding of the spiritual and physical, and how they can work together. 


We may also need to be aware this month of some issues/blockages that Pisces energy faces:

Lack of Focus- As mentioned before, Pisces are great dreamers. But without focus, nothing can be effectively executed to help make these dreams materialise. 

Virgo energy is the perfect “balancer” for that. Draw in Virgo’s meticulously detail and task oriented energy. They are good at distinguishing the how’s and what’s. They are organized. And they are focused. And they know about getting tasks done! 

Virgo energy is a great prescription for procrastination.


Escapism- Pisces energy has a tendency towards addiction as a way to avoid “reality”. A more minor form of addiction is an unhealthy habit of some sort. This month is a good time to address these issues if we have them, and to come up with healthier alternatives for responding to whenever we feel emotional pain, stress or fear. 


Tarot Reading for March 2016: 

I drew some Tarot cards to help us to see how these Piscean energies will particularly come into play this year...

The Magician-

The Magician is the perfect example of using those Pisces and Virgo energies in harmony and balance. He understands the physical as well as the non-physical. He knows how to work with the elements, Universal laws and the stars to manifest his will effectively. The Magician’s appearance here advises us to emulate him in this way. Connect with the divine, but also stay rooted to engage effectively in this reality. 












8 of Pentacles-

Imagination + Grounding= Growth

The 8 of Pentacles holds the energy of Virgo. Focus is a keyword, here. Being clear on the process; the actions we need to take, our timelines and the small goals we need to accomplish will help us to work effectively towards our big goals, and to manifest our dreams.















Here again we see the theme of a connection between Heaven and Earth; the Spirit and the Body. 

The Hierophant, also sometimes called the “Pope”, can be looked at as a representative of God. He is closely connected to Source, and relays messages and teachings to the public. He is the “orator” or “face” for God, you could say. His appearance is a reminder that we too are connected to God. We are divine ourselves, and connected to our Source Creator. 











I hope this post offered helpful insights to you, in navigating the month. Have a great one! 



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AuthorElizabeth Brucia