Hey everyone,

Happy Samhain and New Moon in Scorpio!

As mentioned in my article with numerologist.com, the time is ripe now for facilitating our own personal transformation. 

So here is a Samhain Tarot & Oracle spread that we could use to reflect on this powerful occasion.....


*First, cut seven strips of paper and write each of the Seven Virtues (aka the Seven Sisters) on them: Truth, Kindness, Patience, Purity, Determination, Temperance and Faith

*Fold and place these 7 strips of paper in a small box or bag

*Shuffle the closed box or bag

*Now let's begin our selection of cards and paper for each question!

1- Which virtue is my strongest right now? (Select a strip of paper)

2- How can I use this virtue more effectively in my life?

3- Which virtue needs more development and attention? (Select a strip of paper)

4- How can I develop it?

5- What sort of transformation needs to take place?

6- How can I facilitate this transformation?

7- Advice from your ancestors


Try this out and let me know how it goes!

Much love,


AuthorLitha Rose Brucia