I read Tarot at an Autumn Equinox party this past weekend,  so I'd created a spread for the occasion! I'd like to share it with you all, but before I do that, let's talk about the Autumn Equinox, also called Mabon...

The autumn equinox falls on the 23rd of September this year. Pagans usually start preparing for Mabon three days before this holiday, then spend three days 'descending' from the occasion. In total, the holiday is contemplated and celebrated within a week's time. 

This equinox marks when we officially descend into the darker time of the year. We may already be observing how the days are getting shorter, the weather is gradually getting cooler, and how the leaves are slowly starting to brown and fall, now. Whereas the spring and summer season is a time to be active,  the dark time of the year is a period to go inward and reflect. Shadow work is a good practice to do now, as well. By exploring what lays hidden in our subconscious, and by looking at our 'darkness', we can more fully integrate the parts the 'self'. 

This is also a time of the second harvest of the year (the first being the previous holiday, "Lammas"), when the Earth bears apples, grapes, nuts, squash, and so on. This is a time to enjoy the bountiful fruits of the season! We can observe what we have harvested in our own lives as the year is drawing to a close, and be in appreciation. 

The equinoxes also are linked to balance, as the night and day are now in equal length. We could reflect on what ways we could maintain some equilibrium in our own lives. 



1. What is my harvest? (Celebrate this!)

2. How can I best spend this autumn season?

3. How can I best close off this year?

4. How can I find more balance in my life?

5. What can I find if I descend in the dark and look inward?

Try this spread and see if it helps. It helped me a lot! A lot of stuff came up about career aspirations, and it seems spiritual revelation awaits me in the dark. ;)



AuthorLitha Rose Brucia