Some believe that towns, countries, cities-and even planets and our own bodies are their own entity, with their own will. Places carry their own energies that shift around at different times and are in synergy with the collective consciousness of the people who are its inhabitants.  I decided to ask the tarot for an energetic diagnosis of some cities I am familiar with. What came up was surprising, and very interesting!


4 of Swords, Knight of Cups, 7 of Pentacles

London is recovering right now from a period of struggle and strife. It is in a state of restoring; healing. It is reflecting upon and following its feelings, and moving towards its wants to navigate. It is evaluating what it wants, what works/ has worked and what doesn’t work/hasn’t worked as a way to gain stable footing again.

New York:

Ace of Wands, 8 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles (reversed)

Wow! New York is full of drive, inspiration and ambition. It is building foundations right now for abundance and manifestation. There is potential for reaching gains and goals. It is near.

Los Angeles:

Fool (reversed), Temperance, Judgement

Wow, LA! You are going through a spiritual awakening! This is powerful. Los Angeles is experiencing higher learning,  and expanding its understanding of philosophies and religions. It is near to tapping into the energy of pure potentiality.

This is the collective energy of these cities and their people.

Hope you found this interesting!



AuthorLitha Rose Brucia