Most women have had this sort of experience before- this experience of what I call “riding the moon wave”. That time of feeling "over emotional", and not knowing whether it's valid or not; feeling "unstable". I myself have actually avoided going to parties or other social gatherings when I was feeling that way because of my “time of the month”. My ex-boyfriend used to say only somewhat jokingly that I wanted to break up with him once a month.

An amazing oracle in NY once told me: “Men have intuition too, but women become more intuitive around their periods. Their intuition is experienced in the womb”. When I shared this comment with a friend, she said, “I don’t know if I’m more intuitive or if I’m being irrational.” And I thought that was a very good question. When we have our “moon days”, are we more “in tune”, or are we just- “looney”?  How reliable are the thoughts and emotions that come up during this time?

One point that supports the oracle's statement is that when I was with that ex-boyfriend whom I’d wanted to "break up with every month” as he'd aptly put it, in truth that was what I'd wanted to do. Only I was not ready. Then my period would come, I’d calm down, and everything was “normal” again.

And while many chock the moods and emotions up to it "just being PMS", and many in the medical field have even called PMS a mental disorder,Christiane Northrup, M.D. had a different perspective to share about women and their menstrual cycles: 

"If we do not become biologically pregnant at ovulation, we move into the second half of the cycle, the luteal phase—ovulation through the onset of menstruation. During this phase, we quite naturally retreat from outward activity to a more reflective mode. During the luteal phase we turn more inward, preparing to develop or give birth to something that comes from deep within ourselves. Society is not nearly as keen on this as it is on the follicular phase. Thus we judge our premenstrual energy, emotions, and inward mood as 'bad' and 'unproductive'."

My spiritually inclined friend who embraces her“moon days" usually takes time to herself when she is pre-menstrual. She knows that she is more sensitive and draws inward and nurtures herself.

Upon looking into this topic I've found that, like the moon, our bodies indeed go through several phases. In one phase it is an optimal time to be active, and in another it’s optimal to relax. In one it’s a good time to do something new, and in another we feel more like having sex (wee!).

And so to conclude, again I ask: are we more in-tune when we have PMS, or are we simply looney? Well, maybe we're both!


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AuthorLitha Rose Brucia