Here in London we have been transitioning from Summer to Autumn

The days are getting noticeably shorter and darkness is creeping in, the leaves are starting to turn and there is that feeling in the air. 

Like many other witchy folk, autumn is my favorite season- so of course, I love to celebrate it!

Here are some ways we can play with the Autumn season….


1. See the Foliage-

Of course this would be on the list! 

Go for a drive to take in the beautiful colors of the changing leaves- or better yet, take a walk. Walking in nature is the best way to experience a season. As you walk, also take in the crisp air and the smell of the earth. Connect and be with it all. 

2. Wear Autumnal Colors- 

Celebrate and align with the season by wearing its colors of burnt red and yellow, brown and gold. 

I also find it festive and a fun, refreshing change to switch from summer wear to big sweater cardigans and boots. 

If you wear makeup, maybe also “go darker” and switch to wearing some smokey eyeshadow.

3. Enjoy Warming Drinks-

The weather puts you in the mood for something warming. Have something spiced or with a roasted flavour. 


Some recommendations:

Genmaicha: A Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice

Hojicha- Another Japanese green tea that is roasted

Cinnamon Tea- I love Pukka’s “Three Cinnamon Tea”

4. Try this Spiced, Warm Apple Juice Recipe-

Speaking of warm autumnal drinks, here is one simple recipe I absolutely love- pure apple juice simmered with a bag or two of Yogi Detox Tea. 

Try it. It’s easy to make and is sweet, spicy and delicious

5. Enjoy Autumnal Foods-

I just love autumnal foods… especially squash! Kabocha squash is my favorite. Head to your local farmer’s market and see what this season’s harvest has produced. Have these foods with lots of herbs. Also have some soups and stews!

6. Have a Mabon Dinner-

And speaking of cooking autumn foods… celebrate the Autumn Equinox (aka Mabon) by having a Thanksgiving dinner with some family and/or friends. 

To me, this is the true “Thanksgiving”, because this is when the Earth has produced its second and final harvest. 

It is also the end of the year, and it is a good time for us to reflect upon the things that we have produced in our lives so far, during this turn of the wheel. 

The equinox falls on the 22nd this year, so you could have the dinner sometime around this date. 

Be sure to include in your meal some apples (a most magical, otherworldly fruit linked to Mabon). Optionally also have a celebratory toast with gratitude for all the good things with some mead- a honey based drink that represents sweetness in life.

7. Have Pomegranate Tea-


Pomegranates are linked to the goddess Persephone. It is during this season when she made her descent into the Underworld, and initiated from a maiden to a Queen.

Consume this fruit to acknowledge this process that we undergo as well, each year. We are going into the dark. Let us emerge, reborn and empowered!

Here is a pomegranate tea recipe based on and inspired by an old blog post by author Benebell Wen...


3 pomegranates

8 cups water

Sweetener to taste (I use brown rice syrup or coconut blossom sugar) 


-Wash and wipe clean each pomegranate.

-Cut horizontally in half, so that you may see a star shape.

-Extract the seeds into a large bowl.

*Two ways to extract seeds:

1- With a large spoon, hit the back of the fruit over the bowl so that the seeds may fall out. When most of the seeds have fallen out, put the fruit inside out to extract the rest of the seeds. This is a fun but potentially messy process, so be sure not to wear white! 

2- Place the fruit in a bowl with water so that it may soak for a bit. The fruit will then break apart more easily, and the seeds will come out more easily as well, by hand. 

-Put the seeds in a pot and crush with a mortar (Benebell Wen treats this as a meditative process and chants mantras while doing this- love that idea! Good ol' "Om" would be a great one to do). 

-Put the pot on the stove, add water and bring to a boil.

-Cover and simmer for about an hour.

-Stir in sweetener and serve.


8. Start to go into the Dark-

The dark time of the year is when we are inclined to go “within” and reflect. Take advantage of this time by perhaps journaling, meditating and/or  having periods of silence. 


Enjoy the season, everyone!

And for those of you down South, here is another post for you. 



AuthorElizabeth Brucia


Yemaya: Mother of all the Fish

It was the beginning of 2014 when I started tarot lessons with my mentor Jacquie. At this time I kept pulling The World card , and I asked her if she had any insights about what this might mean. She replied that she had an intuitive hit: “The Mother is calling to you”, she said. “This is going to be an amazing year!”. I was excited by this, and looked forward to what was to come. 

It was around this time when I also attended my very first (and only, thus far) shamanic journey to meet one of my spirit animals. And it wasn't until the end, when I was nearly asleep, that any visions came through. 

What I  saw was a peacock, and it was running around quickly, to the beat of the drum. It had such a sense of lightness and play about it, and I felt its lesson for me was to not take things so seriously. 

But I wasn’t sure if this journey actually worked. I doubted the validity of the vision. “Is there even such a thing as a peacock spirit animal?”, I wondered. In my mind, I’d thought that they were only fierce ones like eagles, wolves and tigers. I thought it was funny (and disappointing, even) that a peacock came through! When I went home I searched online and found that such spirit animals do exist- in fact, all sorts of spirit animals exist! 


By the end of February, my time in London was up, and I went back to NYC.  There is a well-known oracle in the area named Uversa who had given me a powerful reading before I went to London, and I went to see her a few more times after returning to the US. She is another motherly figure who had also mentored me a bit, and she shared magical and profound insights in her readings for me.

When I first returned to New York and visited her, one of the things she said was: “You are Yemaya. You talk to dolphins. Your power colors are blue and white”. At the time, I thought she was speaking figuratively, saying that I shared qualities with this goddess whom I’d never heard of before. 

Later on I received another reading from her and she said: “You are a mermaid. You are beautiful, sensitive and intuitive. Now that that is established, what are you going to do with those qualities? They are there to put to use”. Again, I assumed that she must have been speaking figuratively.  


On that same day when I received this "mermaid message", I met up with a new friend I’d made named Dainichi Lazuli. He is also known within the spiritual community in NY, and is another gifted reader.  At the time I was interested in the topic of spirit guides, and I asked if he could give me any insight on who one of them was. 

He looked around my aura and said, “There is blue on your left side”. Then he said, “Yema.. Yemo..?”. 

I remembered Uversa’s reading a while back, and then said, “Is it.. Yemaya?”. 

“Yes!,” he replied. “She wants you to know that it’s her, and that you are an.. Undeen? Undine?”. 

I recalled one of the first things that Jacquie taught me, and it was about the elemental beings. She told me that “undines" were the spirits of water, and that mermaids were among them. 

And so twice in a day, I was told I was a mermaid. That cannot be coincidence, right?  But I wondered: What does that even mean? Can humans be mer-beings? How?

..That was a topic I then proceeded to explore. 


I also looked into Yemaya, and found that she is a Mother goddess of the moon and ocean, often depicted as a mermaid. She is called “Star of the Sea”, and “Mother of all the Fish”. And I learned that one of her animals was.. the peacock! I feel this also cannot just be a coincidence.

And so this is how my matron deity; my spiritual mother was revealed to me...

AuthorElizabeth Brucia