My first love is Tarot.

My relationship with the cards began at age 14, when I saw a deck behind the counter at my neighborhood book store, and I immediately decided to take it home. I found that I deeply connected with the cards. And eventually, this affair turned into a lifelong love. 

I first learned the Tarot on my own, by studying books. Later on, I also learned from fellow readers I'd met in London and New York. And in more recent years,  I also studied with a wonderful mentor and teacher named Jacqueline Dubois, who is a witchy lady with a fantastic channel on Youtube. She not only taught me Tarot, but also all sorts of other Mystery School teachings.

I never thought that I'd read professionally- but as my relationship with the cards deepened, that was the direction where I headed!  I started out with a little poster sign, sitting in Washington Square Park, offering readings to people. Since then, I've also run a Tarot meetup group in New York, and have read for many public events and venues including Brooklyn Bazaar, Covent Garden Market and Brick Lane Market. 

As a professional reader, I'd describe my style as friendly and approachable. I am a good listener and am non-judgemental. I am energetic, yet I can be healing and calming. My aim is to help empower my clients, and to ultimately aid them on their paths.  I absolutely love connecting with others, and sharing in contemplation of their personal journeys. I specialise in readings on spiritual and personal development. I love getting esoteric with my clients! And I love exploring with them the question of who we are, and why we are here. 


For the past few years, I have deepened my study and passion for not only Tarot, but all sorts of spiritual topics including astrology, numerology, and kabbalah. 

I have taken a particular interest in using sound as a healing modality, and I am a certified practitioner, using Tibetan singing bowls. 

I also have a keen interest in all sorts of plant-based magic, and have even created a magical Heart Chakra Tea. Check out my store to see my tea and other products!

When I am not delving into the esoteric, you can find me eating at a vegan restaurant, travelling, dancing, or spending time in a garden or park.



What’s in a name? 

Why do I go by “The Mer Priestess”?

Mer- of the ocean; of the water

The element water is connected to emotions, intuition, dreams and the subconscious and the divine feminine. 

Priestess- a female intermediary between the worldly and divine realms; a conduit of the divine

The High Priestess was always my favourite card in the Tarot. 

I love her serene, mysterious and subtle feminine power. It wasn’t until years later when I realized that I connected with her because I AM her! She is a figure that I deeply resonate with. 


More About Me:

My favourite color is pink. 

One of my life dreams has been to write a novel. 

I LOVE to dance. I feel most free when I'm dancing.

When I was in Junior High School, I started a mini-business creating and selling a comic book series to my classmates.

I used to teach English as a Second Language.

When I was younger, I dreamed of being in musicals on Broadway. 

I don't have any English ancestral roots, but I connect strongly in spirit to England! 

I refuse to do things I don’t want to do.

I taught myself how to swim. 

I love drinking tea. All sorts. I can't pick a favourite! 

I LOVE connected conversations. 

I was a singer in a rock band.